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Staying Fit


Classes instructed by Ana Rawn on Wednesday’s, at 7 pm, at the Sylvan Valley Hall located at 9288 Highway 638.  She can be reached at 705-257-6904 or emailed at ‘ana_vargas77@hotmail.com‘. Zumba is not always running so just drop her  or the Leisure Services Coordinator a call or email to confirm.  Next course is starting on February 6.

Cost is $72 for six classes or $15 drop in fee.

Call Cindy at 705-248-2381 or 705-248-1166 for any other questions.


Kristy Rachkowski of VIBE Yoga & Wellness is teaching Yoga at the Sylvan Valley Hall located at 9288 Highway 638. New Students are always welcome.  You can bring your own mat, but there will be spares if you don’t.  Wear loose fitting or comfy clothes and bring some water. 

Cost’s are the same. $70 for a package of 6 passes or $15 for drop in.

Interested individuals can contact Kristy at kristyrachkowski@gmail.com or via cell at 705-989-8423.

The weekly schedule is;

Tuesday’s – 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm Power (Vinyasa)Flow Yoga  with Ginette Valiquette. $70 for 6 passes or $15 drop in. You can contact her at ginnyv@live.ca

Thursday’s – 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm Hatha Yoga with Kristy Rachkowski. $70 for 6 passes or $15 for drop in.  You can contact her at kristyrachkowski@gmail.com.

Sunday’s – 7:00 pm – 8:15 pm Restorative Yoga with Ana Rawn. $70 for 6 passes or $15 for drop in.  You can contact her at ana_vargas77@hotmail.com or call 705-257-6904.

Class Description:

Hatha is a combination of postures (asanas) with conscious breathing & focus to develop strength, flexibility & mental clarity. You will develop body awareness, strength & flexibility in a mixed-level environment whether you’re a new or experienced yogi. Postures are generally held for 5-10 breaths giving you time to work on your alignment & surrender in the pose. Improves flexibility & joint mobility, stengthens, tones & builds muscle & helps calm the mind.

Vinyasa Flow is also a combination of postures linked with breath that provides a cardio work out at a faster pace linking movements smoothly as you “flow” from one pose to the next. Poses are held for 1-5 breaths in Vinyasa. This class is detoxing & it energizes the body as well as provides a cardio workout & increased strength, tone & flexibility as well as provides calmness of the mind.

Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic practice using props/pillows to allow you to comfortably hold postures for 5-10 minutes allowing your muscles as well as your connective tissues to fully release & lengthen. This gentle yoga is sutable for all including Seniors, Pregnant women & for those who have recently given birth. Restorative is very relaxing & you will enjoy many mental & physical benefits from this practice including better sleep, calmer state of mind, increased flexibility, release of tight fascia & connective tissues that hinder mobility.

Gencarelli Martial Arts

Echo Bay Hall

Tuesday & Thursday
(second Thursday of the month will have Saturday Classes not Thursday)

6:00pm – 7:00pm 

Contact  John at 705-253-3899 or Cindy at 705-248-2381 or 705-248-1166 for more information.

5 years of age and older

Join at any time.