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North Shore Soccer Association

North Shore Soccer Association is played in the latter part of June and through July, with the final tournament held on a Saturday at a host community.  There are five divisions.  The highschool division runs into August.  The communities of St. Joseph Island, Desbarats and Echo Bay are involved with this league.  Our numbers keep getting larger therefore, we will be looking at making changes to the format of the league. 

Contact Cindy at or telephone 705-248-1166, Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 4:30 pm for more information.

Download the 2020 Registration Form below.

Let’s all hope the COVID 19 Pandemic will be history by the time soccer season is here!!

There will be no soccer tournaments this year.  There will be final championship games for the Division I, II & III players on the last week.  Schedules will be developed once numbers come in from each township.  They will be put on this site once completed.

Soccer will begin on the last week of June, with a practise at the Sportsplex fields.

We have Intro to Soccer that will include the younger children.  Click Here for Schedule (will be posted here)

Divisions I, II & III will play Tuesday and Thursday evenings starting at 7 pm.  Desbarats and St. Joseph’s Island are part of our league in which we will have home and away games. Schedules will be handed out during the first week.

Division IV will play Monday and Wednesday evenings starting at 7 pm. Schedules will be handed out during the first week.

Soccer Schedule for Division IV Monday’s – St. Joe’s & Wednesday’s – Desbarats