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The Township of Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional is located along the shores of Lake George and is characterized by a vast vista of rural countryside. As one of Central Algoma’s largest municipalities, Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional offers its citizens and tourists access to all the conveniences found within the larger communities. Accessibility to several fresh water inland lakes together with the region’s wooded areas, creates the opportunity for endless winter and summer activities. The beauty of this area is further enhanced by the existence of several species of wildlife and most recently bird watching, a very popular activity enjoyed by many people has blossomed most recently in the area with the latest installment of a osprey nest near the lake. Collectively, these factors make the Township of Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional an enjoyable place to live.

Aside from its natural beauty, this municipality has the advantage of being located along the Highway 17 & 17B corridors. Its position along Highway 17 & 17B not only generates tourism and commercial activity for the area, it also provides immediate access to larger centres. Another vital transportation link is Highway 638. Beginning in the village of Echo Bay and continuing through the countryside, this connecting highway provides rural residents and cottagers easy access to larger centres.

Historically, the community grew due to the effects generated by mining, forest and agricultural industries. With time, agriculture superseded other industries to become an important factor in the economic base of the township. The importance placed on agriculture is still valid in the municipality as agricultural is a major asset in terms of the economic base and rural character. Nevertheless, this community also is characterized by its business and industrial sector. Since the late 1800s, this municipality has played host to several different businesses. As it approaches the twenty-first century, its plan to broaden the economic base is reinforced by its commitment to encourage “well planned commercial, industrial, and residential growth.”

The retail, service, and industrial businesses found within the Township of Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional provide employment to a portion of the area’s population. Other sources of employment are found within surrounding communities. This area, however, has the capability to support further development which in turn would provide area residents with more opportunities to find local employment.

Echo Bay and the surrounding countryside offers a comfortable environment in which to live. Its municipal government strives to “continue to make the township an attractive, safe, and efficient place in which to live, work, and visit.”