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As of February 23, 2016, there are new reporting requirements under an amended Environmental Certificate of Approval.  This means that the Landfill Attendant will be asking you how many household garbage bags you will be disposing of upon arrival.

The Township of Macdonald, Meredith and Aberdeen Additional's landfill is situated at 503 Watson Road.  There is a 'Share Shed' available here.  If you have junk in your eyes but not in others, it can be placed in here.  Clothing is not accepted though.  There are used clothing containers in the Heritage Home Hardware Parking area.  

There is only one recycling area in our township.  It is situated at the landfill in the back half of the share shed, under the roof and is open during landfill hours as indicated below. 

Please break up your cardboard and recycled items must not be in bags.

There is a scrap metal bin available at the landfill site to take all metals.  Check with the attendant for further instruction.

There is an electronics bin for computers, tv's, stereos etc.  Coffee makers and microwave do not go in this bin.  Please check with the attendant so, they can dispose of the electronics for you.

Tires are accepted without the rims on.  Check with the attendant as to where to put them.

We do have a burn barrel availabe for clean wood and brush.

Do not dispose of hazardous materials at the landfill.

Download Recycling Pamphlet : front  & back

The Landfill's dumping hours are:

Summer - April 1 - September 30

Tuesday - 12 - 8 pm

Thursday - 12 - 5 pm

Saturday - 8 - 5 pm

Winter - October 1 - March 31

Tuesday - 12 - 5 pm

Thursday - 12 - 5 pm

Saturday 9 - 5 pm 

Household Hazardous Waste Depot - is located at 402 Fifth Line East

The hazardous waste depot site is located at 402 Fifth Line East and will be re-open on April 4, 2017.  

Visit or contact Public Works & Transportation Department at 705-759-5201 for additional information.

Do not dispose of hazardous materials at the landfill.

When open, the h
ours of operation are Tuesday - Saturday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm.  They accept the following;

To download Acceptable & Unacceptable list click here

  • Acceptable Hazardous Waste

    ·         Small Business hazardous waste 

    ·         Acetone nail polish remover 

    ·         Acid or bases

    ·         Adhesives (all types)

    ·         Aerosol can (full or partially full)

    ·         Alkyd and lead-based paint/stain

    ·         Antifreeze

    ·         Automobile batteries

    ·         Barbeque propane cylinder (small green and large 20 lb)

    ·         Batteries (single use)

    ·         Bleach

    ·         Blueprint Ink

    ·         Brake fluid

    ·         Car care products

    ·         Car wax

    ·         Chemicals

    ·         Chlorine

    ·         Cleaners and detergents

    ·         Deodorant (contents)

    ·         Drain cleaner

    ·         Driveway sealer

    ·         Electronics

    o    CD-ROM Drives

    o    Cell Phones/Telephones/Answering Machines

    o    Computer Disk Drives

    o    Computer Keyboards/Mouse

    o    Computer Terminals

    o    Digital Cameras

    o    Microcomputers/Minicomputers

    o    Personal Computers (Laptop/Notebook/Notepad)

    o    Printers/Fax Machines

    o    Monitors (LCD/Plasma/CRT)

    o    Radios/Stereo Equipment

    o    Scanners

    o    Speakers

    o    Televisions (LCD/Plasma/CRT/Rear Projection)

    o    Turntables

    o    Video Projectors

    ·         Energy efficient light bulb

    ·         Fertilizers

    ·         Fire extinguisher

    ·         Fluorescent light bulb/tubes

    ·         Fluorescent tube light (whole)(8 per day)

    ·         Fuel

    ·         Garden chemicals

    ·         Gas

    ·         Glue

    ·         Grease (automobile) 

    ·         Helium tanks

    ·         Herbicides

    ·         Insecticides

    ·         Kerosene

    ·         Lancet - in hard plastic containers (old coffee cans etc.)

    ·         Lighter

    ·         Lighter fluid

    ·         Locker

    ·         Medication

    ·         Mercury thermometers/thermostats

    ·         Motor oil - 20 Litres (5 gal) or smaller containers

    ·         Nail polish

    ·         Nail polish and remover

    ·         Needles - in hard plastic containers (old coffee cans, etc.)

    ·         Oil filter

    ·         Oven cleaner

    ·         Oxygen tank

    ·         Paint can (full or partially full)

    ·         Paint thinner

    ·         Perfume

    ·         Pesticides

    ·         Photographic chemicals

    ·         Pool chemicals

    ·         Pool heater/pump/metal filters

    ·         Rechargeable batteries -separated from regular household batteries

    ·         Salt (driveway)

    ·         Solvents

    ·         Styrofoam - clean white packaging (no peanuts)

    ·         Syringe - in hard plastic containers (old coffee cans, etc.)

    ·         Transmission fluid

    ·         Turpentine

    ·         Varnishes

    ·         Vitamins and supplements

    Unacceptable Hazardous Waste

    ·         Large Commercial Business hazardous waste 

    ·         Radioactive waste 

    ·         PCB waste (light ballast, etc.) 

    ·         Bio-medical waste 

    ·         Explosives / Ammunition / Fire Arms 

    ·         Asbestos products of any kind

    ·         Large spray foam insulation canisters (return to place of purchase)

    Note: No containers over 5 gallons will be accepted and any gas cans that contain gas/oil will not be returned.


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